1. Teratoma The Very End 2:16
  2. Light the Lows The Very End 3:56
  3. On Parole The Very End 4:37
  4. Zeitgeist The Very End 4:00
  5. Truth & Tremor The Very End 3:55
  6. Short Cuts Deep Wounds The Very End 3:55
  7. Brave New Blood The Very End 4:10
  8. Anechoic The Very End 3:45
  9. The Day It All Went Black The Very End 4:00
  10. Sorrow No More The Very End 4:37
  11. From Boon to Bane The Very End 4:42
  12. Until There's Nothing Left Of Us The Very End 5:16

Voices from the press


Definitely one of the best German metal albums of the year!Rock Hard Magazine


Zeitgeist is one of the most important releases of the year 2021!Legacy Magazine


The Very End didn’t retire, they took a run-up!Metal Hammer

Recording Lineup

Björn Goosses – Vocals
René Bogdanski – Guitars
Marc Bräutigam – Guitars
Marc Beste – Bass
Jerome Reil – Drums

Engineered and mixed by Cornelius Rambadt, mastered by Dennis Köhne
Recorded by Cornilius Rambadt and René Bogdanski
Artwork by Killustrations
Band photography by Tom Row/Frontrow Images


Release Date : 05/14/2021
Artist : The Very End
Format : CD

The Very End’s music has never been about exploring extremes, but somehow “Zeitgeist” is the band’s most extreme album to date whatsoever.

Especially the title track, which is completely sung in German language, is a perfect example of The Very End: Daring and uncompromising but still focused on the song, open minded and contemporary but still metal to the bone.