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  1. 2004

    The Very End has been founded by René Bogdanski (Guitars, ex-Ninnghizhidda) and Lars Janosch (drums, ex-Destillery). Shortly after Marc Beste (bass, Onkel Tom), Volker Rummel (guitar, ex-Flaming Anger) and Björn Gooßes (vocals, Harkon / ex-Night In Gales) join the band.

  2. 2005

    First demo "2k5".

  3. 2006

    Shows with e.g. Exodus, Pro-Pain, Undertow, Die Apokalyptischen Reiter.

  4. 2007

    Second demo "Soundcheck For Your Funeral". "Demo Of The Month" in German Metal Hammer magazine. Shows with e.g. One Man Army And The Undead Quartet, Kampfar, Motorjesus.

  5. 2008

    The band signed their first record deal with Dockyard1 from Hamburg, Germany.

  6. 2008

    Debut album "Vs. Life" via Dockyard 1 (Produced by The Very End & Cornelius Rambadt, mastered by Dan Swanö). Shows with e.g. Hatesphere, Pro-Pain and Onkel Tom. Turock Open Air, Smash Fest, Zabbaduschder Open Air.

  7. 2009

    Shows with e.g. Sepultura, The Sorrow, Dew-Scented and Amorphis. Eisenwahn Open Air, Dong Open Air.

  8. 2010

    Recording deal with Steamhammer/SPV. Production of the second album "Mercy & Misery" with Waldemar Sorychta (Samael, Sentenced, Grip Inc., Tiamat etc.). Shows with e.g. The New Black, Hackneyed, Undertow. Rage Against Racism Open Ar, Turock Open Air, Summer Breeze Open Air. Drummer Daniel Zeman (Enemy Of The Sun) replaces Lars Janosch. Production of the music short movie "A Hole In The Sun" with Filmefahrer Pictures.

  9. 2011

    Release of the second album "Mercy & Misery" along with the "A Hole In The Sun" music video. Shows with e.g. Morgoth, Sacred Reich and Crossplane. Ragnarock Open Air, Summernight Open Air and many more.

  10. 2012

    Shows with e.g. Illdisposed, Communic and Orden Ogan. Dong Open air, Nord Open Air any many more: Guitar player Alexander Bartkwoski (ex-Guerrilla) replaces Volker Rummel. Release of the third album "Turn Off The World" (Once again produced with Waldemar Sorychta).

  11. 2013

    Shows with e.g. Suidakra, Dew-Scented and Black Messiah. Eisenwahn Open Air, Ragnarock, Open Air, Metal 4 Splash Open Air and many more. DIY-tour with 9 shows across Germany with A Million Miles. Guitarist René Bogdanski needs to step back from playing live temporarily due to a shoulder injury. Dennis Baron (Final Depravity) steps in.

  12. 2014

    Metal Diver Festival, Out & Loud Open Air, Break The Ground Open Air, Rock Harz Open Air, Nord Open Air, Summer Breeze Open Air and many more. Drummer Daniel Zeman leaves the band. Jerome Reil (Destroy Them, Final Depravity) steps in as live drummer. An exclusive acoustic/unplugged show is played at the end of the year and marks the return of original drummer Lars Janosch.

  13. 2015

    Shows with Dust Bolt, Hackneyed and many more.

  14. 2016

    Second exclusive unplugged/acoustic show, guitarist René Bogdanski returns after recovery for the band's show with Onslaught. The Ruhr Museum features THE VERY END at the "Rock And Pop in the Ruhr Area" exhibition.

  15. 2017

    Drummer Lars Janosch leaves the band for the second time after playing Rage Against Racism Open Air with e.g. Rage, Disbelief and Firewind. Former live drummer Jerome Reil becomes the band's new permanent drummer.

  16. 2018

    Jerome Reil plays his first show as the official new drummer of THE VERY END at the venerable Zeche Carl in Essen. Dew-Scented, one of Germany's longest running thrash metal bands, invite THE VERY END to their farewell show. Guitarist Marc Bräutigam (Exumer) replaces Alexander Bartkowski. Vinyl re-issue of debut album "Vs. Life".

  17. 2019

    Few shows are played as the new line up focuses on songwriting for the band's fourth album. THE VERY END go back to their roots and tap Cornelius Rambadt (Disbelief, Bonded, Sodom, etc.) as their producer. In fall 2019 Jerome Reil does the first takes of the "Zeitgeist" drum recordings.

  18. 2020

    The "Zeitgeist" album production is completed,and the band signed to the label Apostasy Record. All of a sudden Corona strikes and many plans are put on hold. Nonetheless, THE VERY END team up with their friends & fans to become a #CoronaManiac: People could go crazy to the 80s Flashdance hit "Maniac", which THE VERY END covered on the 2011 album "Mercy & Misery", while the chunderksen agency poduces a kick ass video clip from that.

  19. 2021

    Although the covid pandemic continues to hold the world in suspense, “Zeitgeist” was released worldwide in May 21.

  20. 2022/2023

    After the corona-induced live presence on the back burner, The Very End played again their first shows with e.g. Cannibal Corpse, Primordial, Asphyx, Rage. Rock Hard One Day Festival, Torock Open Air and more. The band starts with the songwriting for the fifth album.

  21. 2024

    Digital single and video "Circle Of the Scythe" is released.

  22. 2024

    Digital single and video "The Famine Years" is released.


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