1. Splinters The Very End 4:23
  2. Iron Sky The Very End 4:29
  3. Infidel The Very End 3:33
  4. The Black Fix The Very End 3:49
  5. Maelstrom Calling The Very End 4:19
  6. Sixes and Nines The Very End 4:16
  7. The Last Mile The Very End 3:45
  8. Dreadnought The Very End 3:44
  9. Gravity The Very End 5:00
  10. Orphans of Emptiness The Very End 3:09
  11. To Feed on Hope The Very End 5:17

Precisely executed Thrash, straight in your face! If you like Testament you must check out The Very End´s Turn Off The World. Rocks!Angela Gossow, Arch Enemy


The Very End will bring you a fresh vision of Death Thrash the way it´s meant to be this day and age.Maurizio Iacono, Kataklysm

Recording Lineup

Björn Goosses – Vocals
René Bogdanski – Guitars
Alex Bartkowski – Guitars
Marc Beste – Bass
Daniel Zeman – Drums

Produced by The Very End & Waldemar Sorychta
Recorded by Waldemar Sorychta, Dennis Koehne, Sascha Risseler & René Bogdanski
Mixed by Waldemar Sorychta, Dennis Koehne & René Bogdanski/The Very End
Mastered by Dennis Koehne for waldstreet & denroad
Guitar solo on “The last mile” by Volker Rummel
Artwork by Killustrations
Band photography by Roland Smigerski

Turn Off The World

Release Date : 11/23/2012
Artist : The Very End
Format : CD

After “Turn off the world” reached the 5th rank in the german Metal-Hammer-Soundcheck (dec 2012), the magazine later declared it to one of the most important metal-releases in 2012.