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Behind the scenes of ‘The Famine Years’

TurockFest 2023 The Very End RuhrCongress Bochum

RuhrCongress, Bochum

The Very End live at Sputnik Metal Night 2023

Sputnik Metal Night

Turock Open Air The Very End live 2022

Turock Open Air

The Very End live on stage at Kulttempel Oberhausen support for Midnight together with Phantom Corporation

Kulttempel, Oberhausen

The Very End at Hagenbusch, Marl 2022.

Hagenbusch, Marl

The Very End Endzeit Festival Zeche Carl Essen Live Photo by Konz

Endzeit Festival


Rock Hard One Day Festival

Video Shoot Behind The Scenes

Studio recordings for “Zeitgeist” album

Kulturrampe, Krefeld 2019


Underground, Wuppertal 2018

The Very End live in Walsrode 2018

Mittendrin, Walsrode 2018

Glowing Ember Festival

Rage Against Racism Open Air 2017

Hexenhaus, Ulm


JUZ Live Club, Andernach 2016

Special Acoustic Show, Kleve 2016

Rage Against Racism Open Air 2015

Special Show – The Very End & guests live & acoustic 2014

Knust, Hamburg 2014

Metal4Splash Festival 2013

Helvete, Germany 2013

100th show – Summermeeting Open Air, Marl (Ger)

Ragnarock Festival

Eisenwahn Festival 2013

A Million Ends Tour 2013

“Turn Off The World” Photoshooting

Turn off the World – Official photos

Dong Open Air 2012

Mercy & Misery – Official photos

Turock, Essen Germany 2011

Summermeeting Open Air

Club X, Herford Germany 2011

Mercy & Misery – Releaseparty

Bobby & Gerre feat. The Very End

Turock Open Air 2010

Rage Against Racism Open Air 2009

Turock Open Air, 2008

“Vs Live” photoshooting

Vs Life – Official photos

Zeche Carl 2008

Paderborn 2007

Bielefeld, Germany 2007

Vs. Life Studio Diary

Turock, Essen Germany 2006

Essen Zeche Carl (GER), 2005


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