1. Flatline The Very End 4:36
  2. Death Ticket The Very End 4:31
  3. Bleed Tomorrow The Very End 3:16
  4. Exit Plan The Very End 3:45
  5. Sewn Eye Sleep The Very End 3:58
  6. Stabwounds The Very End 4:12
  7. Loss Theory The Very End 3:43
  8. Silencing The Very End 4:25
  9. The Negative The Very End 4:13
  10. Minus Everything The Very End 4:31
  11. Bone Patrol The Very End 4:51
  12. The Black to Come (Bonus Track) The Very End 4:51

Modern Thrash/Speed Metal can't be more diversified! Every song on “Vs. Life” is a wrecking ball cracking your head!Tom Angelripper, Sodom


Great songs, excellent musicianship! It's rare to hear a band that sounds equally convincing play modern metal as well as classic metal and thrash!Dan Swanö, Edge Of Sanity, Unisound

Originally released in October 2008, The Very End’s debut album. VS. LIFE has been rereleased in 2018 as a limited vinyl edition in a DIY (selfpublishing) experiment.

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Recording Line-Up:

Björn Goosses – Vocals
René Bogdanski – Guitars
Volker Rummel – Guitars
Marc Beste – Bass
Lars Janosch – Drums

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Vs. Life

Release Date : 10/24/2008
Artist : The Very End
Format : CD

Produced by The Very End
Recorded & mixed by Cornelius Rambadt and Helge Schellbach at Klangwelt Studio / Essen, Germany
Mastered by Dan Swanö at Unisound Studio / Örebro, Sweden
Artwork by Killustrations
Band photography by Roland Smigerski