It has been a pleasure and an honour that our first show with Jerome Reil as our new, official drummer took place at the Zeche Carl in Essen, Germany. This venue is not only a renowned cradle of German Thrash Metal, but has a special meaning for some of us on a personal level as well. 

106ACC21-B644-4BB7-AEBA-105F11BD7145Zeche Carl is one of THE clubs we’ve been to the most ever since we started listening to metal. Beyond that it’s the place where Jerome’s father Jürgen “Ventor” Reil started his career with Kreator. To mark the occasion we also introduced our brand-new song ‘Short Cuts Deep Wounds’. Just as expected, the show went great and Jerome’s debut was made to measure, both for The Very End and our fans!

Welcome home…

While we’re busy writing The Very End’s fourth album, we simply can’t keep still and need to bring this new energy onto the stage. So, on April 13th we will return to Hagenbusch Marl after 12 years and will be part of the METAL HOMECOMING show with Words of Farewell, Copia and Scraper.

Hosts Words of Farewell invited us to join their METAL HOMECOMING show in Münster at the Sputnikcafe on April 14th, too – this time alongside Antilles and Redestruction. This will be two beasts of a show!

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Photos of The Very End live at Zeche Carl 2018

Meanwhile check out these live shots from the Zeche Carl show:

Thanks to our friend Christian “Kaufi” Kaufhold for these cool pictures. Find more live photos in our gallery section.

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