2011 is almost over – time for a quick recap. And quite a lot of things happened around The Very End.

First and foremost we released “Mercy & Misery” in January, and your reactions told us that many of you have gladly let our fallen-between-the-cracks German Metal kick their asses. Thank your for that! Our first official video clip for “A Hole In The Sun” (shot by Filmefahrer Pictures) was premiered in January as well, and with over 150.000 views up to now we can call it a great success!

New drummer Daniel Zeman (Enemy of the sun)

Furthermore we proudly presented our new drummer Daniel Zeman (also in Enemy Of The Sun), who made his live debut in January, too. Yet 2011 was also the year of stand-in musicians for The Very End, who fortunately made us forget about carnal or mental malfunctions of one or another band member. Hence, a big thanx goes out to Alex Bartkowski (Guerrilla), Dennis Baron (Final Depravity), Martin Below (Guerrilla) and Roland Smigerski.

Apart from those fine guys we´d also like to thank our label Steamhammer/SPV and our roadcrew Sascha, Anja, Birte & Lolli and all the other helping hands for keepin´ the faith!

Some sticky, sweaty live shows later – we shook the stages with e.g. Forbidden, Morgoth and Sacred Reich, the year is almost over again already and we´re writing this recap. But we definitely ain´t gonna leave you without a short preview of what´s to come in 2012: the songwriting for our third album is going full throttle, some great live shows are booked and we promise that even if the Maya will be proved right and 2012 will hold the very end of it all – we will at least provide you with the perfect soundtrack for it!

On that note – happy new year, see you in 2012 and bang that head that doesn´t bang!

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