The Very End’s Björn Gooßes teamed up with Marcel Mönnig (Crossplane), Oliver Duda (Sunset On Mars) and Sebastian Ludwig (SENG-FU) to shoot a video for the song “Keine Option” by former DSDS (German version of ‘Pop Idol’) winner Thomas Godoj, they recorded together earlier.


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The song ‘Keine Option’ is a statement against racism and and intolerance and all forms of discrimination. The group of Ruhr area rock and metal vocalist teamed up under the flag “Ruhrpott Rebellen”, that could be translated with “Ruhr area rebels”. Here’s a video statement of the musicians involved:


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Very successful crowdfunding campaign

Thomas Gogoj Bild Zeitung The Very End Björn Goosses Guest appearance vocals 13 Pfeile keone Option video
Thomas Godoj & the “Ruhrpott Rebellen” appear in Germany’s biggest newspapaer BILD.

The song originally appears on Thomas Godoj’s new album “13 Pfeile”. This album had been financed by crowdfunding. The whole crowdfunding campaign was with 200.000 € one of the most successful campaign of musicians in Europe, as Germany’s biggest newspaper BILD reported. Read the online article here (only in German):



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