Demo of the month in march 2008Metal Hammer Magazine


The repeat button was once invented for such albums.Walter Scheurer, Powermetal.de

The two opening tracks have been rerecorded for the debut album ‘Vs. Life’. The third track Gravity has been rerecorded for the third album ‘Turn Off The World’ (2012) in an updated version with Daniel Zeman on drums and a new guitar solo at the end of the song played by Alex Bartkowski. In the demo version the solo at the end was played by Volker Rummel.

Recording Lineup

Björn Goosses – Vocals
René Bogdanski – Guitars
Volker Rummel – Guitars
Marc Beste – Bass
Lars Janosch – Drums

Produced by The Very End
Recorded & mixed by Cornelius Rambadt and Helge Schellbach at Klangwelt StudioArtwork by Killustrations
Band photography by Roland Smigerski


  1. Flatline4:38
  2. The Loss Theory3:43
  3. Gravity4:56

EP: Soundcheck For Your Funeral

Release Date : 08/01/2007
Artist : The Very End
Catalog ref. : Sold Out!
Format : CD

After The Very End’s second demo “Soundcheck For Your Funeral” was named „Demo of the month“ in German Metal Hammer magazine in 2008, the band signed their first record deal with former label Dockyard 1 from Hamburg. The original CD release has only been recorded for promotional use. Some of the original CDs have been sold on a couple of live shows and are not available anymore.