Newcomer tip of the month in august 2005!Legacy Magazine


Very strong debut. More! As quickly as possible!Jost Frommhold, Metal.de


Yeah, a very exciting piece of music, displaying much of potential. Need more of it!Dajana, Nocturnal Hall

The opening track ‘The Black to Come’ has been rerecorded in the ‘Vs. Life’ recording sessions. It’s going to be released as a bonus track on the Vs. Life vinyl rerelease in 2018. The other two songs never appeared again on an official album release, yet.

Recording Lineup

Björn Gooßes – Vocals
René Bogdanski – Rhythm and lead guitars
Jens Basten – Rhythm guitars
Volker Rummel – Guitar solo on ‘This End’
Marc Beste – Bass
Lars Janosch – Drums

Produced by The Very End
Recorded at SON Studio in Dortmund/Germany by Sascha Risseler. Mixed by Sascha Risseler and René Bogdanski. Mastered by DMS, Marl/Germany.
Artwork by Killustrations


  1. The Black To Come4:55
  2. Me Vs. Life4:10
  3. This End4:12

EP: 2K5

Release Date : 12/03/2005
Artist : The Very End
Catalog ref. : Sold out!
Format : CD

The demo CD “2K5” was The Very End’s first official sign of of life in 2005. Volker Rummel joined the band during the recordings, so that he only appeared during the guitar duel in This End. The original CD release has only been recorded for promotional use. Some of the original CDs have been sold on a couple of live shows and are not available anymore.